‘Ex-Voto’ is an extension of my previous work in Lourdes. Still fascinated and intrigued by this place of great spiritual contemplation and worship, I re-visited the project with a different approach. Shooting in large format black and white slowed the process down and gave me space to think. Using anthropological experience gained during my MA, I became interested in the markers left behind at pilgrimage sites. Placed anonymously and often hidden from view, ‘Ex-Votos’ are offerings left by pilgrims as signs of gratitude and devotion. Taking a phenomenological approach used in my dissertation about bodily practice in Lourdes, I wanted to explore how people and landscape begin to merge as place, body, faith and history entwine.

This project is ongoing and still in development. Images will be accompanied by detailed ethnographic accounts taken during my research. I hope to expand the project further by exploring other Catholic pilgrimage sites in Ireland, Mexico and Poland.